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Monday, June 09, 2008

An Excellent IEP!

Sammy had his IEP last week.

It was the biggest one ever. He is transitioning from pre-school to kindergarten so his old team was there to hand him off to his new team.

Developmentally, he has made some huge strides. His physical development was last tested in February 2006. Before he tested at 28 months. Now he tests at 54 months. His self-help skills have gone from 22 months to 53 months. His social/emotional skills have gone from 26 months to 46 months. His cognitive skills have improved from 26 months to 53 months. His communication has progressed from 28 months to 43 months.

He will be going in a mainstream kindergarten class. Our local school offers a charter Montessori class and we were lucky enough to get a spot. Since Montessori consists of so much visual and hands on learning, I feel it is the perfect placement.

The school is going to send in an aide for an hour a day. If they feel an hour isn't enough they are going to offer more individual time with him. I didn't have to fight for this. It was offered! I was flabbergasted but in a good way.

He is going in a brand new socialization program this summer thanks to our local regional center. It is a Montessori based social program. His new kindergarten teacher is very interested in attending so he will get to know her and she can observe the program.

It has taken a village to get to this point; it honestly has.

His pre-school has been wonderful. He's had ST and OT at the pre-school and all the other teachers have been awesome.

He has been receiving ABA at home for six months. Within a few months of starting ABA, his teacher was sending home notes stating that he was blossoming at school.

There is, of course, the diet which has allowed him to focus on the ABA and all the other things he needs to know. Without the diet, we would not have come as far as we have.

If you see my son in public, you see a normal five-year old. He is catching up rapidly. His behaviors are so improved.

Give us ten years or less and we will beat this autism label. Just watch us. The sky is the limit.


  • At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    He is a wonderful, smart little boy and is so lucky to have a smart, wonderful, caring Mom.


  • At 7:27 PM, Blogger Mary Poppins said…

    I am so glad he is doing so great...You know ABA and the GF/CF were the pinnacles of our sucess!


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